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3 Ways To Get Clients To Pay Faster

As small business owners and service providers, we take pride in our work and delight in serving our clients. But at the end of the day, you’re in business to make money, and how you handle money in your business is critical. Your ability to accept payment from your clients in a simple and straightforward way is critical to keeping your finances in order while avoiding any delay in payment.

In today’s digitally-run, instant gratification age, making booking your services easy is essential to building good customer relationships and for keeping your accounting up to date.

Whatever you can do to make your payment process easy for your customers is gold. Even doing that awkward follow-up for late payments can be taken care of through automation!

That’s why making payments easy for your service business is good business!

Here are 3 essential ways to get clients to pay faster:

1. Book and pay in 2 simple steps. Instead of chasing your clients by email or phone to pay an invoice, or having to take their payment manually, you can simply create an online booking form, embed it onto your website and you’ll have your prospect or client’s information handy for your next appointment or meeting with them! Plus, clients can pay at the same time that they book your service without any tech hassles! This is a great way to book out your services and increase your conversions and revenue within minutes.

2. Offer flexible payment plans. Again, you want to make things super easy for your prospects and your clients to do business with you. With Bookup’s sophisticated, yet simple interface combined with the Stripe integration, you can give your customers the option of paying a deposit or installments on your services. Especially for high-ticket services, providing the option of payments over time can help increase bookings and facilitate recurring revenue.

3. Automate your invoicing. Never miss sending an invoice at the right time and date. Bookup’s system allows you to simply set and forget! Not only does this automation show your customers that you’re on your game, but it also ensures your accounting is always up to date. You can even automate sending payment reminders to ensure clients pay an invoice quickly and easily. No more following up over the phone, limiting client payment to business hours, or keeping paper records of your invoices and receipts.

While automating your business’s systems may seem overwhelming, Bookup makes it simple and powerful. By automating and integrating your payments into your booking system, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue and create a seamless experience for your clients.

Best of all, while Bookup is handling your bookings, payments and emails for you, you can be busy doing what you love – and doing what you love is the whole idea behind your business. That’s why getting automated pays in so many ways!