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How Business Management Software Will Transform Your Small Business

Are you tired of wading through papers on your desk, searching for client information in your files, calling to book and confirm with clients, and waiting for cheques in the mail?

Small business owners have their hands full every day just providing services to their clients. If they have to also handle administrative tasks, they can easily become overwhelmed and at risk of burnout.

Handling your business admin manually not only takes up your valuable time, but you may miss out on great business-building opportunities and new clients. When you’re wearing too many hats in your business, your potential for growth and additional revenue is limited. That’s why it’s so important to streamline your internal operations.

When you invest in Bookup’s online business management software, you will free up almost 50% of your administrative time – giving you more hours in the week to serve your clients and grow your business!

Here’s how Bookup can help simplify your business admin tasks:

Enjoy automated scheduling. Imagine your prospects and clients booking meetings and appointments any time they’re on their computer, tablet, or phone. With Bookup’s easy scheduler, you select times and dates to show your availability and let your customers do the rest! Everything is synced with your Google or Outlook calendar. Book your services 24/7, instead of making potential clients wait for your business hours!

Use online booking forms. Need extra client details before their service or appointment? Bookup helps you create simple booking forms that easily integrate into your website to do the collecting for you. No more chasing papers! Perfect for building a great customer service experience right from the start, Bookup’s forms are tested to convert and increase your leads.

Offer effortless payments. Instead of dealing with cash or waiting for cheques to arrive, allow your customers to pay online so you get paid faster. Bookup seamlessly integrates with Stripe and Quickbooks, the industry leaders in online and cloud-based accounting software. In one fell swoop, you’ve got revenue while your financial records are automatically updated!

Connect with clients throughout their service. Having clear, consistent communication with your clients is essential to keeping them happy and coming back for more. You can easily set up pre-scheduled emails through Bookup to send confirmation, reminder and nurture emails to continue building trust and strengthening your client’s relationship with your business.

Leads and clients are looking for a simple, professional, and intuitive experience when booking with a service provider. When you have automated systems in place, you create a positive experience while making customers feel valued and informed.

What would you like to be doing more of – serving your customers or hurriedly trying to find their phone number or latest invoice? When you transition to automating your foundational admin tasks, including scheduling, booking, payments and client emails, you will definitely see a major improvement in your business, and increase your opportunities for growth.  With Bookup, say hello to business admin made easy!