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How To Streamline Your Service-Based Business Accounting

Accounting can be one of the biggest headaches for entrepreneurs.

It can be tricky to tackle on an ongoing basis, especially if you’ve been using an excel spreadsheet to manually enter transactions; a seemingly simple task but one that can really eat up your time.

Then there is the challenge around how to deal with your receipts and creating paper invoices that can also bury you in the clutter of extra paperwork. When it comes to accepting payments, if you’re relying on someone to send a cheque or bank transfer, you are giving over your power while you wait – and your bills wait, too!

There is a much simpler way – automating your payments and accounting with business management software and cloud-based accounting!

Saving time and money with cloud-based accounting

When you automate your accounting, you’re making it easy for both you and your customers. Bookup allows you to integrate Stripe, an industry-leading payment gateway, with Quickbooks accounting software so that you never have to wait for cheques or cash, or take credit card numbers over the phone! Instead, prospects and clients can pay immediately online. That’s a huge competitive advantage and the easiest way to increase bookings in your business!

Invest in an all-in-one software for robust yet simple end-to-end booking and accounting management. By using Bookup and Quickbooks together, all of your accounting will be so much more simple and easy to manage. No more paying a bookkeeper to do these important tasks on a weekly or monthly basis. Plus, with this cloud-based accounting and business software, you don’t have to worry about installing programs on your computer or losing files that are housed on a specific device. Access your accounting and booking software from any device at any time!

Other cloud-based accounting benefits include:

  • See your accounting and financial data in real-time
  • Know exactly what payments each client has made, and for what services (which helps with service customization for repeat customers!)
  • Easily track payments, expenses and sales
  • Run a variety of financial reports for profit and loss and more
  • Perform accounting tasks anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Hassle-free tax filing when all your information is up to date
  • Easily share financial information with your accountant
  • Reduce the cost of human accounting errors

Streamlining your accounting is crucial to help your business run smoothly, and for you to ensure you’re getting paid on time. With Bookup, you have these essential systems taken care of so you can concentrate on serving your clients. It’s one of the most cost- and time-effective things you can do to improve your business and reap the rewards of automation.