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How To Transition Your Business To Online Booking

These days everyone expects to use self-serve options for most business interactions online;  from ordering and paying for groceries and home décor to buying books, courses, and more.

It should be no different with service-based businesses. That’s why giving your customers a hassle-free online experience at any touchpoint is critical to your success.

When you transition your service-based business to online booking, you’ll enjoy more leads, increase revenue, and grow your business more efficiently.

Think about it this way – many potential clients will find you on the internet. So, if they are visiting your website, you need to make the most of that traffic by allowing them to schedule with you instantly, instead of waiting for the next day’s business hours.

Looking to make the switch? Here are 3 tips to help you take the plunge!

1. Determine your systems.
When it comes to booking prospect consults and client meetings, are you bogged down in repetitive tasks? Take a look at the steps they need to take in order to book with you. Is it as simple as finding a convenient time for the two of you, or do you need more information to pre-qualify them or to prepare before you meet?

You can easily automate your appointments with Bookup. Simply set your available dates and times and your clients can instantly book online 24-7. And the appointments automatically sync with your Outlook or Google calendars. If you need more information from prospects and clients when they are booking, use Bookup’s easy online, tested-to-convert booking form to gather that information and you’ll be ready to go!

2. Determine the best online integrations. Don’t let the word “integration” scare you. All it means is how various online business management software systems can be “hooked up” to work seamlessly. When it comes to taking payments online, there are a lot of options out there, however, Stripe (payments) and Quickbooks (easy accounting software) are the industry leaders. Bookup integrates (connects!) with both to streamline these functions, which means you get paid faster and have financial efficiency at your fingertips!

The key is to streamline the customer experience so prospects and clients don’t need to wade through clunky systems to make their purchase.

3. Find an all-in-one software that’s cost-effective and easy to use. We’ve covered online scheduling, booking, payments, and accounting – all essential business tasks. Bookup can also support your client communications by helping you automate purchase confirmation emails, appointment reminders and payment reminders. Free up your time and deliver an exceptional experience to your clients, all with one simple-to-use software!

Now you can see how much automation can save you time and money, as well as give your customers a positive online experience with your service-based business. Making the transition to online booking is easier than you think. Bookup takes these booking tasks off your plate, integrates payments, and frees up your admin time by up to 50%!