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The Cloud-based Business Software You Need For Your Service-based Business

If you’re used to managing your business with pen and paper, you know how easily you can feel overwhelmed and disorganized. Paper calendars, having to answer the phone to schedule meetings, and losing slips of paper and notes can mean you miss profitable opportunities.

Switching to cloud-based business management software is critical for smooth business operations, growth and success!

Wouldn’t you rather be spending your time helping your clients while your website is busy booking your schedule and turning your traffic into leads? Bookup can do all that and helps you with payments and email communications, too!

Here’s 5 reasons that Bookup is the best cloud-based business software for your service-based business!

1. Make your website work for you. When you incorporate Bookup’s integrated scheduling and payment software, you’ll have much more than just an online presence. When you automate your client intake, payment and communication tasks, you’ll never miss an opportunity, while keeping your calendar full and increasing your revenue.

2. Manage your schedule 24-7. Let your prospects and clients schedule and book meetings and appointments with you whenever they choose. Once you’ve set your availability, you can be working with your clients while fresh prospects are already booking their consults! Bookup syncs beautifully with Google and Outlook calendars!

3. Make booking a breeze. Tired of having to sit and take notes to get your prospect and client information before their next appointment? With Bookup’s tested-to-convert online booking forms, you can quickly set up a form, your customer completes it in just a few minutes, and you’re ready to go!

4. Make paying invoices easy. When it’s time for your clients to pay for your services, simply send them an invoice that allows them to pay with their credit card online. What could be faster? Bookup integrates with Stripe and Quickbooks to make payments a snap.

5. Build trust and repeat business. Ensure you understand how your prospect or client will experience their online customer journey with you. From first intake to receiving services, invoices, appointment reminders, and more, it’s important that you keep their experience simple. Bookup also helps you to stay in touch with easy-to-set nurture emails that will help you stay top-of-mind.

When you think about all the daily tasks you have to manage, wouldn’t you rather have another way to do them that saves you time and money? By using a cloud-based business software, you will not only gain peace of mind, but you’ll keep your leads and revenue coming in automatically while your service-based business grows!