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Thinking About Outsourcing Your Admin This $20 App May Change Your Mind_

When it comes to running your business, you wear many hats, so it’s easy to get bogged down in all the administrative tasks.

At some point, you’ll find there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Yet many of these time-consuming admin tasks are essential. If you can’t keep up, you could miss opportunities and lose leads. At the same time, finding an ideal admin person can be a challenge.

After all, you have to first figure out a job description and pay rate, then go on the hunt. It’s not something that can be done with the snap of your fingers. You need to find, train and monitor that person. Plus, you also have to take into account that you may not find someone who will go the distance with you, and leave you in the lurch at exactly the wrong time!

So instead of sweating over how to hire admin help and have that extra overhead, why not grab a simple $20 app that will help you manage all that work faster? It’ll also keep those important leads and revenue opportunities coming in like clockwork!

For just $20 a month, Bookup takes your scheduling, booking, payments, emails, and accounting off your plate.

Easily automate essential admin tasks

  • Fill your calendar and sync it! Imagine waking up tomorrow with your calendar filling up with your new consults and client meetings without you having to lift a finger! Once you’ve set your available times and dates, you can relax and let Bookup do the rest and sync with your Outlook or Google calendar. Show up to your next call without the fuss!

  • Book appointments automatically with the info you need. Use Bookup’s easy online form so you’re ready to go when your next prospect or client arrives. It takes less than 5 minutes for clients to fill in, and voila! Done. In fact, Bookup’s optimized booking and scheduling form has been vigorously tested and proven to increase your website’s leads!

  • Help customers pay faster. Bookup seamlessly integrates with Stripe and Quickbooks to make taking online payments a breeze. You can also set up recurring installment payments and set invoice reminders to deliver at intervals you choose. Another great way to keep the revenue coming in without any manual work done by an assistant!

  • Keep in touch to grow. Business opportunities are so incredibly crucial, so keeping your pipeline full of prospects is the order of the day. With Bookup, you can automate emails to prospects and clients to ensure you stay top of mind without having to double-up on your relationship-building time.

It’s no secret – being an entrepreneur can be daunting with so much to do. But no need to worry and no need to hire another staff member! Bookup will take care of your essential business-building tasks. Simply set your criteria, then sit back and let the opportunities keep coming!

Remember, all this can be done for just $20 per month…much less than your daily coffee!

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