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Want To Cut Your Admin Work By 50 percent This app will help

Running your service-based business should be an admin breeze, not a nightmare. But if you’re still manually entering information on physical paper or in an Excel sheet, you are leaving money on the table!

Your business relies on getting customers, giving great service, and getting repeat business and referrals. But you can’t do all that legwork yourself.

You need to be focused on delivering your service, not on the daily admin tasks.

Reduce your overwhelm and streamline your operations by automating. When you replace routine manual tasks with a system that connects all the essential dots of your business, you will easily increase your leads and conversions, and look professional at every turn!

Bookup is a cost-effective and time-effective app that can help you quickly and easily automate your schedule, intake and so much more.

Here’s how it works:

  • Let clients schedule 24-7! You can be filling your schedule with prospect consultations, client meetings, and appointments even while you sleep. Inside Bookup, you simply choose what dates and times you want to show, and then let Bookup do the rest by syncing everything with your Outlook or Google calendar.

  • Provide online forms that help you and your customer prep for their next appointment. Bookup’s easy interface allows you to set up a form in minutes that will capture all the relevant information you need so you can hit the ground running when they arrive and totally wow your customer. Best yet, the form has been tested and proven to increase leads from your website!

  • Make paying simple and quick. Empower your customer to pay faster by taking payments online. Bookup integrates with the leaders in online payments – Stripe and Quickbooks. This system ensures that you’re capturing all your revenue and keeping your finances and accounting information current. You can also set up recurring payments, payment reminders and much more.

  • Automate those important follow up emails! Keep in touch with your customers with Bookup’s automated emails that confirm their purchases and remind them of appointments. Having consistent communication throughout your client’s experience will help build trust and improve your relationships with your clients.

Imagine being able to fully focus on your services while your schedule fills, your invoices are being paid and your emails are going out. Set them once, tweak if needed, then forget them! That’s the amazing benefit of using Bookup’s business management software. Your business keeps on humming 24-7 while you’ve outsourced up to 50% of your daily admin time.