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Best Electrical Contractor Software for Booking and Scheduling

Running an electrical contracting business can easily get devastating since it means managing more than a few moving parts. From generating estimates and issuing invoices, attracting a new target audience, producing and managing effective schedules, conducting customer service, and balancing your books, it can lead to a roller-coaster experience if you insist on processing everything through traditional methods. The solution to saving your business a huge amount of time and money is turning to the best electrical business management software that there is, and we recommend; Bookup!

Why Choose Bookup?

Generate leads & increase your bookings.
Integrate Bookup into your website, emails, and more to let customers schedule and book their services easily with our tested-to-convert forms.
Manage your schedule automatically
Instant booking and scheduling, synced with your Google or Office 365 Calendar.
Get paid faster.
Integrated payment options, including Stripe and Quickbooks, let you get paid and track your accounting in one platform.
Communicate seamlessly.
Automated client communications at every step of your service, all in one place.
Team Collaboration.
Access client information, schedules, and internal notes all from the Bookup app.
Pinpoint issues fast.
We’ll show you where potential clients drop off, and instantly give you insights to increase your sales


What does electrical contracting business software do after all? The management transition from field to office is the exclusive design of the electrical contractor scheduling software. Meaning that one should not worry about managing all the communications, actual and immediate tracking, payments, referrals, schedules for technicians, advanced reporting and more.We have created a helpful electrical business management software solution to save your time, energy, and money.

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The Electrical contractor software mobile app was designed to help you manage your business from anywhere instead of physically showing up in the field. Bookup contractor management software app enables you to communicate with customers, organize your team, accept more clients, and expand your business with the tools it gives you.Our electrical contractor mobile app simplifies generating leads and increasing your bookings. You can speed up your automatic schedule management through syncing your Office or Google calendars. Payment will be a piece of cake through all tracking you can do. Let’s not forget that using our app, you are revolutionizing your communications and this will both enhance the level of team collaboration and come up with instant solutions to sudden issues.


You really don’t have to slip through the cracks in invoices. With Bookup, your clients and customers easily can pay online or in person and you needn’t worry about all the numbers you might have missed focusing on the job instead of the numbers.  All in all, you can benefit from:
-        Including detailed line items on each invoice
-        Integrating invoicing with QuickBooks Online
-        Tracking expenses and being notified about who owes you money
-        Collecting deposits and payments in the fieldThere is no reason left to doubt giving your sales and efficiency with electrician software a boost.

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"Shiny saved our company so much time on all the small tasks. Now we have much more time to focus on the important stuff. "

Jack Madison, Service Technician


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"Shiny saved our company so much time on all the small tasks. Now we have much more time to focus on the important stuff."

Debbie Rose, DetailBox

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