Landscaping Booking Software: The booking engine you and your customers will love

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Landscaping Booking Software: The booking engine you and your customers will love

If you are a busy and dedicated landscaper, time off the grass is money wasted. With our best landscaping appointment booking software, you’re back on the mower.You are in urgent need of landscaping but you have a tight and hectic schedule? You don’t have to worry anymore. We are providing you with the best landscape business software. Read as follows: find more about our services and our scheduling and booking programs for you and your customers to find out why this software turns your site traffic into real business.

Why Choose Bookup?

Generate leads & increase your bookings.
Integrate Bookup into your website, emails, and more to let customers schedule and book their services easily with our tested-to-convert forms.
Manage your schedule automatically
Instant booking and scheduling, synced with your Google or Office 365 Calendar.
Get paid faster.
Integrated payment options, including Stripe and Quickbooks, let you get paid and track your accounting in one platform.
Communicate seamlessly.
Automated client communications at every step of your service, all in one place.
Team Collaboration.
Access client information, schedules, and internal notes all from the Bookup app.
Pinpoint issues fast.
We’ll show you where potential clients drop off, and instantly give you insights to increase your sales

Pricings and billing plans that suit you vision as a landscaper

When you create an account on our website, you get your free trial with no credit card needed and no risk and obligation. After the mentioned time span you can choose between our three types of planning such as essential, pro and premium. Without a doubt it is more profitable for you on a financial level to choose our yearly billing. As a small landscape scheduling software, the deal you get with us is unbelievable and it makes perfect sense for you and your customers as well. We provide different kinds of services depending on your plan. You can find all the information you might need on the pricing page of our website.

Pricing Plan

Customer service

Since we are the best landscaping software, we try our hardest to provide you with unforgettable customer service. Depending on the plan and the billing you choose, we deliver you the most relevant customer service. Our premium plan has the best customer service of any landscape business management software. Our premium plan customer service also provides you with email, chat support, phone support and one- on-one boarding. With this kind of service, you’ll feel closest to us and all your customers. You can check the kind of customer service we provide for our pro and essential plans on our web page.

Our services and industries we serve
for Landscaping Booking Software

As one of the greatest landscape management software providers, we can cover almost all of the problems a small business can stumble upon. After your registration, it is super easy to choose the type of industry needed to solve your problem and book up to your own schedule. You can find all the services we provide on the industry pages of our official web page. We provide all the little details for your ease. You can integrate book-up in your website so your customers can schedule their own services. Our easy scheduling consists of automatic online bookings, emails, job forms, and etc.

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"Shiny saved our company so much time on all the small tasks. Now we have much more time to focus on the important stuff. "

Jack Madison, Service Technician


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"Shiny saved our company so much time on all the small tasks. Now we have much more time to focus on the important stuff."

Debbie Rose, DetailBox

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