5 Things You Can Automate In Your Business Today

When it comes to doingbusiness, one of the most important things you can do is ensure your leads andclients have a great experience from the start.

Whether you're a one-person show or a medium-sized organization, usingautomation tools for your admin systems will help you not only to streamlinehow you manage your leads and customers, but you'll also be reducing yourstress!

You've probably already noticed that manually doing many repetitive tasks is noway to make the best use of your time. Rather, you need to be concentrating onwhat you do best – delivering your service.

Now there's a super simple way to automate the 5 most time-consuming tasks thatall business owners struggle with.

1. Scheduling: Turn your calendar into ameeting machine. Fed up with going back and forth in emails trying toschedule a prospect consult, meeting with a new client or booking a client forservice? With Bookup's easy scheduling interface, in one fell swoop, you canfinally control your schedule! Your prospects and customers will only be ableto see the dates and times you've set, and all they have to do is choose andbook and they're in! Easily integrates with Outlook and Google calendar.

2. Booking: Get all the info you need inone place. For a lot of business owners, time is money. When you have tosift through emails and pieces of paper to get all the information you need tobe ready for your next appointment, you can lose not only time but money aswell! When you automate this task through Bookup's simple system, you'll haveall the details at your fingertips any time - 24 hours a day! Keeping yourbusiness and client information organized is one of the best ways to create aseamless client experience.

3. Payments: Make paying online easy. Prettymuch gone are the days when customers pay by cash or cheque. These days,millions of people pay for everything online. It's seamless and fast –important to customers who want to keep moving and not get tied up in paper andtoo many steps to pay. When you use Bookup's integrated booking and paymentsystem, you can increase your revenue and reduce admin time spent managinginvoicing.


4. Client emails: Set once, then sit back andrelax. Send reminders via text and email, and provideyour clients with all the information they need before their service. After your client has paid for yourexpertise, it's essential to follow up and nurture that relationship. Now youcan easily set automatic emails to let them know how much you appreciate theirbusiness, remind them of associated items or services they may be interestedin, and when they should schedule their next appointment.

5. Accounting: Integrate and automateyour cloud-based accounting. The perfect way to streamline your finances isby having an integrated accounting system that does all the work for you.Bookup integrates with Stripe and Quickbooks to make accounting a total breeze!

Now that you know what to do to automate your business, you’ll wonder how youever got by before! These five things will make life simpler for both you, aswell as your prospects and clients.

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