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Tips for Increasing Leads and Bookings From Your Website

Yourwebsite presence is an extremely important element of marketing yourservice-based business that shouldn’t be ignored.

Whether you create a do-it-yourself website or spend thousands on branding thelook and feel, you must pay attention to how your website works – and how itconverts – your potential and current clients every time they interact with it.In other words, your “users” should ideally be self-converting if you have theright tools in place.

For example, the user experience is so much more than making sure any links onthe site work. It’s all about moving your customers from viewing to booking.And that means turning your website visitors into leads who are ready right nowto book consults and services.

So how can you make the most of the traffic coming to your site, and convertingthat traffic into customers?

Here are 3 ways to make it easy for themto book and buy:

1. Automate your scheduling and bookingintake. Instead of having to “chase” business, business comes to you witheasy online systems that are made with the service-based business owner inmind. Your prospects and clients can easily schedule a consult, meeting, orappointment using Bookup’s automations, which are super easy for you to set up.All you have to do is make sure you have your calendar and online booking formeasily accessible on all the pages of your website, and you’re good to go!

2. Provide clear descriptions and pricesfor your services. Take the guesswork out of your customer’s questions byclearly establishing and posting your services on your website. You can alsoinclude a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to handle common inquiries,making it super easy for prospects and clients to quickly get the informationthey need to self-book an appointment and pay. This speaks volumes for yourbusiness acumen and instills customer’s confidence in what you do.

3. Use conversion-optimized bookingforms. There are thousands of online booking forms and form plugins on theInternet, but only Bookup’s has been tested to convert. Your setup takes just afew minutes and you can edit, delete and create any form whenever you need to.When prospects and clients fill in your booking form, you can relax, knowingyou are not missing any new opportunities while having the ability to add morevaluable services to your customer’s next appointment!

Your website acts as your priority marketing collateral. So ensuring you havesimple and quick ways to help your potential and current clients do businesswith you is essential to maximizing your lead and booking opportunities.


Bookup is your one-stop-shop for helping youquickly and easily convert your leads with an amazing, simple yet powerfulcustomer experience. Contact us today for a demo!


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